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HELP! pup magician needs help from the big dogs!!! [Aug. 4th, 2005|01:04 pm]
Magic Illusions


i was watching a program about magic on sky one, when i happened to mention that id love to be able to do magic tricks to impress my neices and nephews.....

the next week, the friend that i was with bought me a "EASY CARD TRICKS" book, you know, mainly self working tricks, with some basic sleight o' hand stuff which i quickly started getting to grips with and impressed the family with them and some older co-workers too....

I NEED HELP, i want to progress with my new found love but dont know the next logical step, can anyone advice a budding magician on any decent web sites for help and advice, more advanced sleights, or places to buy decent stuff from.... thanks.

[User Picture]From: oasis89
2005-08-19 07:19 am (UTC)
well depending on ur age u can join either the young magicians club hich is for 12/3 - 18 yrs. u get a monthy magazine with tricks in it. and they give u details on up coming events in england. if ur above 18 then try the magic circle which is more exclusive. i don't no wat u get from them cos i'm not 18 but u will get to meet magicians and stuff. its around £80 for the mgic circle and £25 fo the young magicians club. not sure about any website though, but go to either...

http://www.theyoungmagiciansclub.co.uk/ or


for more details.

go to my Lj site and tell me wat u decide to do.
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